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Access expert advice from the world’s leading medical minds

Best Doctors gives you absolute confidence, clarity and certainty to your diagnosis and treatment plan by remotely connecting you with world-leading medical specialists.

Unparalleled medical advice that makes the difference

  • Unique expert database

    Best Doctors owns a global database of more than 53,000 leading medical experts selected by their peers as the best in their field.

  • A solution to your medical needs

    We’re the resource for your health needs whether you need a second medical opinion or are just looking for answers to medical questions.

  • Proven value to our members globally

    In the 37% of the cases reviewed by a Best Doctors expert, they suggested a different and more appropriate treatment option.

Unique expert database


    The Best Doctors database includes more than 53,000 international medical experts that are nominated by their peers every two years.


    The database covers 40 specialties and 430 subspecialties and includes up to 5% of the top practicing physicians in the world.

A solution to your medical needs

  • If you're suffering from a medical condition, you may be looking for an in-depth medical review of your diagnosis and treatment or simply have some questions or concerns that you would like to have answered by an expert.

    Best Doctors makes this easy and ensures that, whatever your needs, you have access to a leading expert in the world on your particular condition right from the comfort of your home in Asia.

Proven value to members

  • Best Doctors offers the peace of mind that comes from having the right diagnosis and treatment plan.


    Change of treatment

  • From migraines to heart conditions, these are some of the conditions that members ask Best Doctors about.















Source: Best Doctors EMEAA, 2015

In our members’ own words

  • “The Best Doctors report opened doors that I didn’t know even existed.”

Peter’s first treatment recommendation for his diagnosis of chronic pain syndrome didn’t relieve the pain he felt and it didn’t help him to lead a normal life either. He couldn’t get back to sports and the pain even stopped him from sleeping.

Trying to find relief for the pain that he was suffering from, he decided to ask Best Doctors for a second medical opinion to help him understand his diagnosis better and explore other treatment options.

The Best Doctors expert confirmed the diagnosis, suggested more effective medication and most importantly, provided suggestions on alternative therapies to manage his chronic condition. “My quality of life has increased dramatically thanks to Best Doctors. I am happier and less anxious than I was.”

This is a real Best Doctors case which has been authorised for use by the patient. In order to respect and maintain the patient's privacy, personal details have been modified. Photographs have been used for illustrative purposes only.

  • “The report was clear, concise and straightforward about what should be done.”

When Edward experienced a small black spot in his vision, his parents took him straight to the doctor. They were shocked when a fluid-filled cyst was discovered in his spine. The specialist recommended that he stop any contact sports while monitoring the condition for a few months.

Fiona and Michael, Edward’s parents, were confused with the information they got from different sources about the condition.

Wait and see didn’t seem to be a solution for them so they contacted Best Doctors for a second medical opinion from a leading authority on Edwards condition. “Thanks to Best Doctors, we were able to find an expert who could get us past the ambiguity and the ‘wait and see’ and give us decisive confirmation that Edward’s condition was absolutely nothing to worry about.” “As a father, knowing that my son’s case has been reviewed by the world authority on that particular condition has given me so much peace of mind.”

This is a real Best Doctors case which has been authorised for use by the patient. In order to respect and maintain the patient's privacy, personal details have been modified. Photographs have been used for illustrative purposes only.

  • “I was given two different diagnoses and I felt so confused.”

During pregnancy, Cindy’s cystic tumour grew so much that her doctors suggested removing it after she had given birth. After surgery, she was diagnosed with an uncommon type of cancer that appeared to have spread, and required further invasive surgery followed by chemotherapy.

Distraught by the news, Cindy decided to consult a second specialist who provided a completely different diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

Unable to choose between the two different treatments, both highly invasive and each with their own risks, she contacted Best Doctors for an expert second medical opinion.

After an exhaustive review of her case, the expert came to a dramatically different conclusion: while he did agree with one of the diagnoses, he did not recommend any treatment other than regular monitoring of the condition.

For Cindy, the Best Doctors expert report could not have given her greater relief and peace of mind. “My treating doctors really appreciated the report. I have a rare condition and the more expert knowledge I have, the better.”

This is a real Best Doctors case which has been authorised for use by the patient. In order to respect and maintain the patient's privacy, personal details have been modified. Photographs have been used for illustrative purposes only.


If you have been advised by your insurer, employer or organization that you have access to Best Doctors and have been diagnosed with a serious or worrying medical condition, please call our member's hotline via the contact numbers below.

Singapore800 101 3008 (Toll Free Number) Malaysia1800 188 801 (Toll Free Number) Indonesia0078 0302 08744 (Toll Free Number) Philippines1800 1110 2031 (Toll Free Number) Thailand1800 011 060 (Toll Free Number) Vietnam1800 4827 (Toll Free Number) India1800 1022 402 (Toll Free Number) Macau0800 428 (Toll Free Number) Pakistan9221 3879 9832 (Non Toll Free Number)

Alternatively, you may wish to register yourself in our member portal:

Best Doctors, making a difference for you and your policyholders

Best Doctors helps insurers stand out in the Asian market and increase client loyalty.

Your policyholders will have confidence in their diagnosis and clarity about their treatment plans.

How Best Doctors can help your business

  • Highly rated by members

    Best Doctor's services are consistently rated 9 out of 10 among users.

  • Proven track record of improving sales

    Invaluable service that enhances your agents and brokers’ value proposition when selling insurance products.

  • Retention tool for your company

    Members consider the service a very important part of their insurance policy, helping you to increase client loyalty.

Highly rated by members

  • Our services are rated highly by users, 96% of whom intend to recommend Best Doctors to their family and friends.

    These are the main reasons why members contact Best Doctors.

    To have a better understanding of their medical condition


    Confirmation of diagnosis


    Doubts about information received from their specialists


    Condition not improving


    Assistance in deciding on treatment options


    Doubts about recommended surgery


Source: Best Doctors EMEAA, 2015

Proven track record of improving sales

  • Best Doctors’ services provide support to your sales agents and brokers by helping them in the sales process.

    By aligning the Best Doctor's services features with the value proposition of our clients’ products, we have helped them to achieve great success.

    Best Doctors is a reliable source for policyholders to turn to when looking for answers to their medical needs. We make this process easy and ensure they have access to one of the world’s leading medical experts in their particular condition.

Business tool for your company

  • Increase client loyalty.
    98% of members consider Best Doctors to be an important or very important part of their insurance policy.

  • Distinguish your product offering from your competitors by bundling Best Doctors' personable, useful service with your insurance products.

  • Help avoid unnecessary surgical costs and improve recovery times by ensuring that policyholders have the right diagnosis and are pursuing the most promising treatment options.

Contact Us

If you are an insurer, employer or affinity group and are interested in making Best Doctors available to your customers or members, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access to Best Doctors' Services?

You’re eligible if you're covered by an insurance policy that includes Best Doctors' services.

Best Doctors is provided by selected insurance companies and affinity groups in Asia as part of their policyholder plans.

If your insurance company includes Best Doctors as part of your policy, please speak with your insurance company representative to find out more.

We look forward to helping you.

What types of medical conditions qualify for Best Doctors' services?

Best Doctors provides services for a wide range of medical conditions. They can include everything from back pain and sports injuries to chronic diseases and life-threatening illnesses. However, please note that Best Doctors does not provide emergency services or services for mental health disorders.

Who are the doctors that Best Doctors engage?

Best Doctors physicians include the world’s top medical specialists. They are selected by other doctors through a comprehensive review process. Best Doctors surveys doctors to find out which doctors they trust most.


Every doctor in the survey is asked, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in a certain specialty, who would you choose?” Doctors cannot pay to be included on the Best Doctors list or nominate themselves for consideration.

Isn’t asking for a second opinion from Best Doctors insulting to my doctor?

Not at all. Treating doctors who have worked with Best Doctors appreciate having access to respected experts in their field of practice. They also gain access to information regarding innovative diagnostic and treatment protocols that might not be available in their local communities.

Do I have to follow Best Doctors’ recommendations?

You remain in full control of your healthcare decision-making. The information you receive from Best Doctors is intended to help you make informed decisions regarding your diagnosis and/or treatment plan. And only you can decide to share the report with your treating doctor. Best Doctors will not share your report with your doctor unless you authorise us to do so.


Best Doctors understands that privacy of information is of great importance to our members and the people that visit our public Sites. As Best Doctors is a leading provider of health services throughout the world, we would not be able to operate in this global marketplace without proper policies and procedures to meet stringent international regulations.

This Website Privacy and Security Policy describes what information Best Doctors collects about you on its websites and how that information is used

Because we want our Sites to better serve visitors' needs, we collect some basic information about visitors' computers, including:

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We use this information to continuously enhance our Sites and to better serve our visitors’ needs. For example, we use this information to know what browsers people most commonly use, what pages are most often visited, and what functionality is most used.

Best Doctors will never use your information for any purpose other than to provide you the service you have requested of Best Doctors or as permitted by law. Your information will never be sold to any third party, for any purpose.

Privacy and Security on Password Protected Portions of Best Doctors Sites

Some of Best Doctors Sites are password protected and require users to register and log-in (“Registered Users”). These Sites contain protected health information (PHI) or individually identifiable information about Registered Users and allow Registered Users to perform certain transactions (e.g. initiate a case). Because of this Best Doctors must be able to link a Registered User's activity back to their identity, for example to verify identity in our systems and eligibility for Services. Therefore, in the password protected portion of our website, Best Doctors does collect identifiable information about Registered Users. This includes information about the Registered User's computer as listed above, and information related to the Registered User, such as pages visited and Services initiated. PHI collected by Best Doctors about our members is available only to authorized users and is protected from unauthorized access by multiple layers of security controls and monitoring. In addition, PHI that is collected and maintained by Best Doctors is used and disclosed only as described in the Member Release Form that you sign when you initiate Services with Best Doctors.


The confidentiality, integrity and availability of your PHI is important to Best Doctors. To protect against unauthorized access to PHI that is accessible on the password-protected portions of our site, Best Doctors has adopted stringent security standards. Information transmitted between your browser and the password-protected Sites is protected by 128-bit encryption. The verification and login processes established for access to the Portal are in place in order to protect the privacy and security of your PHI.

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Best Doctors shall not be held responsible for any website content of any external link or website.

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You may need to provide us with your email address in order to be a Registered User. We will use your email to send you important updates about the Sites as well as notifications when information and documents are added that you need to be aware of, e.g. Member Release Form or Expert Report. We will also use your email address to send you general information about the services available through Best Doctors. In some instances, but not all, you will be able to opt out of receiving emails. Best Doctors does not disclose or sell your email address.

Protection of Passwords

As a Registered User, it is your responsibility to (i) control the dissemination and use of activation codes and passwords; (ii) authorize, monitor, and control access to and use of your user ID and password; and (iii) promptly inform Best Doctors of any need to deactivate a password. You agree to accurately maintain and update any information about yourself that you have provided to the Company. You also agree to promptly notify the Company of any unauthorized use of your username, password or any other breach of security that you become aware of involving or relating to this Site by emailing the Best Doctors at In addition, you agree to exit from your secure account at the end of each session. Best Doctors explicitly disclaims liability for any and all losses and damages arising from your failure to comply with this section.

How to contact us?

Questions or comments regarding this Policy should be submitted to the Best Doctors Privacy Officer by mail or electronic means as follows:

Privacy Officer
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How will I know about changes in the Privacy Policy?

Best Doctors reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Please visit this page periodically so that you will be aware of any changes.


Thank you for visiting These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern the use of and its related sites, including all of its mobile applications (collectively “Sites”). Best Doctors, Inc. (“Best Doctors”) owns and operates the application, tools, and content on the Sites. Use of any of the Sites constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and the Privacy and Security Notice. If you do not agree to these Terms, you should immediately cease all use of and access to all of the Sites.

Best Doctors is a medical information services company which seeks to improve the quality of health care by connecting individuals (“Members”) with experts and information with the goal of improving the accuracy of diagnosis and the appropriateness of treatment. Best Doctors provides a set of medical information services, including InterConsultation® and Ask the Expert℠ (collectively referred to as “Services”). The InterConsultation™ service includes the review and analysis of an individual’s medical history by one or more Best Doctors expert physicians who specialize in, or have in depth knowledge about, the individual’s particular condition (“Best Doctors Expert”). After review and analysis, the Best Doctors Expert writes a report which outlines the individual’s condition and provides information on diagnosis and treatment plan (“Expert Report”).

Best Doctors and its Best Doctors Experts only provide medical information. We do not provide medical care, diagnosis, or treatment. No doctor-patient relationship will be created between Best Doctors and a Member or between any Best Doctors Expert and a Member.

Best Doctors Services are offered solely for the purpose of providing medical information for use by Members and their treating physician(s). The Expert Report may not be used for any other purpose including, without limitation, in any legal or administrative proceedings involving any medical professionals.

The Best Doctors’ Sites further describe Best Doctors Services, and some of the Sites, including password protected portions and mobile applications, allow Members to initiate Services they are eligible for.


The Sites are provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, Best Doctors disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Best Doctors does not warrant that the Sites will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected or that the Sites or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components.

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